Feeling disconnected, Punekars? Let’s build your own Hangout Spot with a Timeline and Chat!

Ever scroll through newsfeeds feeling lost, like searching for your chappal after Ganesh Visarjan? Or miss those long, chatty sessions with friends that leave you feeling like you just ate the best vada pav in town? Relax, Pune! Your tech pals, Associative, are here to build you a one-of-a-kind social timeline and messenger platform with mobile apps for iOS & Android and a website too! Think of it as your virtual hangout, buzzing with Punekars just like you, ready to share, chat, and laugh, all at your fingertips!

Ditch the boring feeds and endless swiping! We craft smart, user-friendly platforms that:

  • Put your friends and news in your pocket: Stay connected with loved ones and explore what’s happening in Pune anytime, anywhere. From festival photos to that epic cricket match, you’re never out of the loop!
  • Express yourself like a legend: Create your own profile, post updates, share photos and videos, and let your unique Pune personality shine! Be the rockstar of your timeline!
  • Chat like you’re at a chai tapri: Send messages, photos, and even funny GIFs to friends or join group chats and have conversations that feel like you’re sipping chai together! 
  • Discover hidden gems: Find local events, cool cafes, and the newest hotspots, all recommended by fellow Punekars! Be the ultimate Pune explorer!
  • Stay safe and secure: We prioritize your privacy and safety, so you can relax and let loose, knowing your online adda is worry-free!

And there’s more! For the creative minds and social butterflies out there:

  • Your own platform, your rules: Customize your hangout with branding, features, and even monetization options. Make it the Pune social hotspot everyone wants to be at!
  • Easy-to-use control panel: Manage users, content, and groups with our intuitive admin panel. You’ll be the kingpin of your online adda!

Why Choose Associative?

  • Pune Ka Apna Adda: We know the city and its people inside out, so your platform will feel like a warm Pune chaat corner, welcoming and full of laughter!
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Building your online hangout shouldn’t break the bank, and our services fit every budget. We believe everyone deserves a place to connect!
  • Crystal-Clear Communication: We keep you in the loop every step of the way, no hidden surprises. We value your trust!

Ready to say goodbye to loneliness and build your dream social space? Let’s get connected!

Give us a shout today for a free consultation and discover how your Pune-powered social timeline and messenger platform can bring people together and create something truly special. We’re just a call away!

Remember, your connections are our passion. Let’s build something amazing together! 

Associative is committed to providing cost-effective and prompt solutions to address your business’s digital needs. Let us be your trusted partner in taking your business to new heights through innovative and reliable technology solutions.

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Android & iOS App Development with Website

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Custom web applications and Mobile App Development (Android/iOS) Cost:
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