Due to the inherent nature of our services, once an order is initiated, cancellations or refunds are not entertained. We urge clients to conduct thorough market research and engage in discussions with multiple providers before finalizing their decision to collaborate with us.

Service Specifications for Mobile Applications (iOS & Android):

1. Domain, Web Hosting & API Subscription: Clients are responsible for providing domain names, web hosting, and any necessary APIs for project culmination. Alternatively, we offer guidance in obtaining these from reputable registrars and hosting services. For those requiring Cloud Hosting via Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we facilitate account creation and hosting setup for a one-time fee of Rs. 7,000. All subsequent hosting charges are directly billed by AWS or GCP.

2. Fees for Source Codes, Themes, etc.: If required in your projects, any additional third-party resources or subscriptions This may include themes, templates, plugins, extensions, third-party source code, APIs, and any subscription charges paid by you directly..

3. Content Input: Our service package covers the insertion of a preliminary set of products or pages essential for demonstrating the app’s functions. We will provide guidelines for further additions as needed.

4. Google Play Store & Apple App Account: Clients should set up their respective accounts for app submissions. We can assist in this process upon request.

5. Extended Support: Additional support or customizations outside the project’s initial parameters are available at Rs. 1500 per developer per hour.

General Note:

Our agency, Associative, leverages a mix of resources, from APIs to design elements, ensuring the project aligns with client expectations. We provide documentation for each resource used, emphasizing that licenses acquired are strictly for client-specific applications and not for resale or redistribution.

Detailed Service Outline for Web Design & Development:

1. Domain, Hosting & API Subscription: Clients should provide all necessary credentials for the project. However, we offer procurement support when necessary, with AWS or GCP hosting setup available for an additional Rs. 7,000.

2. Premium Templates & Add-ons: Costs associated with specialized themes or plugins are the client’s responsibility.

3. Content Integration: Our offerings include the addition of fundamental content required for initial website setup. Comprehensive guides will be provided for broader content integrations.

4. Continuous Support: Post-project support and enhancements are billed at Rs. 1500 per developer per hour.

Thank you for your understanding of the aforementioned terms. For further clarity, please connect with our team.

Critical Advisory for Digital Marketing Services:

While we strive to provide optimal results, it’s essential to recognize that outcomes related to website rankings, social media metrics, or brand enhancement cannot be guaranteed.