At Associative, we are pleased to offer specialized web development, applications, and website design solutions in PHP and Laravel tailored to your distinct needs. Our proficient team is adept at crafting reliable and personalized digital solutions, ensuring your requirements are seamlessly met. Instead of offering pre-made software, mobile apps, or websites, we specialize in providing customized services tailored to your needs.

Pricing Structure:
For custom website or application development in PHP or Laravel: Rs. 5000* + 18% GST per developer per hour. With this pricing, we guarantee exceptional quality coupled with meticulous attention to every detail.

Kindly Take Note:

Upon the completion of your project, we ensure that any customized software, applications, or web solutions developed in line with your specifications are handed over in their entirety. Subsequently, we committed to removing the source code from our system. The ownership of the source code, application, software, and any other deliverables rests solely with you, in alignment with our privacy norms. This grants you the freedom to resell, distribute, or modify them as you deem fit. Associative maintains a strict confidentiality policy and will never stake a claim to its creation or development rights. For any future adjustments or upgrades, we stand ready to assist. The charges for such tasks will be mutually agreed upon at the time of the requirement.

We value your understanding and attention to these terms. For any further inquiries or clarifications, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Note: Pricing varies based on project complexity. We guarantee transparent billing and detailed work reports.

We offer customized software, mobile apps, web applications, and website development services at a starting price of Rs. 5000* + 18% GST per hour. We adhere to a strict privacy policy and do not share any live websites, application links, or software details that we have worked on.

Our developers work from Monday to Saturday, with a minimum of 3 hours and a maximum of 9 hours per day. For transparency, we record the system screen during the hours they work on your project. This recording, along with the source code, will be shared with you on a daily or weekly basis as evidence of work performed.

At Associative, we prioritize clear and effective communication. Here’s how we manage our interactions:

Preferred Mode of Communication:
For sales, support, and other business matters, we mainly rely on WhatsApp chat and email. We find that written communication helps in ensuring clarity, proper documentation, and minimizes potential misunderstandings.

Why We Emphasize Written Communication:
1. Efficiency: Our team, including programmers and developers, operates optimally with written instructions. This method reduces back-and-forth and streamlines our processes.
2. Documentation: Written exchanges provide a record, especially beneficial for intricate technical discussions. This way, we can always revisit our conversations, ensuring alignment.
3. Complexity Handling: Technical subjects often demand precision. Written communication lets us elaborate on complex concepts comprehensively.

The Value of Clear Conversations:
Clear, documented discussions mean we can share emails, documents, and other written materials effectively. This practice is more efficient than frequent meetings or calls and ensures everyone remains on the same wavelength.

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with clients at Associative. We aim to consistently exceed expectations. For any service inquiries or to discuss your requirements, please reach out. We’re here to craft the perfect solution for you.

Developing a web application with PHP, particularly using the Laravel framework, can vary greatly in terms of time, depending on the complexity and requirements of the project. However, here’s a rough breakdown of the time required for various stages of developing a typical Laravel web application:

1. Requirements & Planning: 10-50 hours
– Understanding the scope, defining features, planning the database architecture, and deciding on additional tech stacks/tools.

2. UI/UX Design: 15-150 hours
– Creating wireframes, designing the interface, creating web assets, and design revisions. This may vary greatly depending on whether you’re using pre-existing templates or building a custom design.

3. Setup & Basic Configuration: 5-15 hours
– Setting up a new Laravel project, integrating packages and dependencies, and initial environment setup.

4. Front-end Development: 50-400 hours
– Writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, integrating the front-end with Laravel, responsiveness, browser compatibility, etc. The use of Vue.js or other JavaScript frameworks in combination with Laravel can alter this estimate.

5. Back-end Development: 100-800 hours
– Setting up database migrations, creating models, views, and controllers, implementing business logic, handling user authentication, integrating third-party APIs, etc.

6. Testing & Quality Assurance: 25-150 hours
– Writing and executing tests (e.g., unit tests, feature tests), manual testing, bug fixing, etc.

7. Deployment & Configuration: 5-25 hours
– Setting up the production environment, deploying the app, configuring servers, setting up SSL, etc.

8. Post-Launch & Maintenance: Variable
– Immediate bug fixes, updates, scalability considerations, and more.

Adding these estimates up, a simple Laravel application might be developed in as little as 210 hours, whereas a complex, feature-rich application could take 1,500 hours or more.

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