iOS and Android Video Conference App: For Live Classes, Meetings, Webinars, and Online Training

We’d like to offer our services for your video conference app project. Here’s a simple breakdown of what we provide and the cost:

Tired of staring at pixelated faces and choppy audio in online calls? Wishing you could ditch the Zoom fatigue and bring your meetings, classes, and webinars to life? Look no further! Associative, your Pune-based tech buddies, build custom video conferencing apps for Android and iOS that make connecting online as smooth as chai on a summer afternoon. 

Ditch the clunky platforms and frustrating tech! We design smart, user-friendly apps that:

* Bring learning alive: Conduct engaging live classes, online training sessions, and interactive workshops – perfect for students, teachers, and trainers alike! ‍‍
* Make meetings meaningful: Host productive online meetings with colleagues, clients, or friends – no more awkward silences or blurry screens! ‍‍
* Run webinars like a pro: Host informative and engaging webinars for a wider audience, share presentations, and answer questions in real-time! 
* Connect instantly: Connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime – family catch-ups, book clubs, online gaming, the possibilities are endless!
* Crystal-clear communication: Enjoy high-quality video and audio that feels like you’re in the same room, even if you’re miles apart! ️

And there’s more! We also offer:

* Website Development: Need a website to showcase your app or services? We’ve got you covered.
* Mobile App Development: Want an app for something different? We do that too!
* Digital Marketing: Spread the word about your awesome app and reach more people online.

Why Choose Associative?

* Your Pune Tech Team: We understand the local needs and preferences, making your app as Pune-perfect as a plate of spicy misal!️
* Cost-Effective Solutions: Building your dream video app shouldn’t break the bank, and our services are budget-friendly.
* Crystal-Clear Communication: We keep you in the loop every step of the way, no hidden surprises.

Ready to ditch the boring and say hello to seamless video connections? Let’s get started!

Give us a shout today for a free consultation and discover how your Pune-powered video conferencing app can turn your communication dreams into reality. We’re just a call away!

Remember, your connection success is our passion. Let’s build something amazing together!

Associative is committed to providing cost-effective and prompt solutions to address your business’s digital needs. Let us be your trusted partner in taking your business to new heights through innovative and reliable technology solutions.

Android App Development with Website

iOS App Development with Website

Android & iOS App Development with Website

If you want to build customized website, web applications and mobile applications using programming languages and platforms such as Java, Kotlin, Swift, HTML, PHP, Laravel, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Google Cloud Platform (GCP), then

Custom web applications and Mobile App Development (Android/iOS) Cost:
   Rs. 5,000 per developer per hour 
   No fixed timeline or budget prediction (depends on project complexity)

Customized Java Application, Web Application, and Software Development

Customized Android App Development using Java, Kotlin

Customized iOS App Development using Swift, SwiftUI

Customized Web Development using PHP, Laravel

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iOS and Android Video Conference App